Gemini New Moon: Communication, Curiosity, Engagement


The New Moon in Gemini will take place on Monday, June 3rd at approximately 6:01 AM EDT. This New Moon will mark the start of the final lunar cycle of the Spring season, with an energy that is light and airy, ushering in a focus on communication, curiosity, and engagement. It’s likely the Spring season has been the catalyst for a lot of growth and shifts, and this New Moon is an ideal time to gather information, especially as it relates to those things that you are curious about, and then use what you discover to share and engage with the world. Gemini is known as the “social butterfly” of the zodiac, so during Gemini season (which is here until July 2nd), the energy supports getting out in the community, learning from and sharing with others, and making meaningful connections.


Creating Space

As mentioned above, the energy of this Gemini New Moon is also light and airy. Your emotions may seem to be lighter, not so intense during this New Moon, and you may really want to take the social aspect of Gemini to heart; however, remember that the New Moon each month is also a period for completely releasing anything that is no longer or not serving you, especially the days leading right up to the New Moon, and it’s also a time to go inward and gain clarity about intentions you want to initiate during this new lunar cycle. Be sure to create the space that you require to do so, and really feel clear about this before you engage in too much social activity! Paying attention to how you feel is most important. Spaciousness is paramount with Gemini, not allowing yourself to become blocked or stuck. 

This period would also be an ideal one for re-evaluation and reflection, specifically looking back at this Spring season (think about the period of the first New Moon of the Spring season when the Moon was in Aries on April 5th). Where do you feel you have experienced growth since that time? What has shifted for you on your path? Have the intentions you’ve set during the last two lunar cycles come to fruition or started to take form in your reality? What feels most important to you right now?

Since Gemini also is closely tied to communication in all forms, this New Moon would also lend to communicating with yourself. Consider journaling about your reflections over this Spring season and what has taken place. You may even use some of the questions posed above to have a focus for this journaling. This may help you gain greater clarity for this New Moon and assist you with setting your intentions for this new lunar cycle. Give yourself the space you need, doing whatever you need to do to create it! This energy is really asking us to step outside of the box, release any limitations, and allow curiosity and discovery to lead the way!

Wishing you abundant New Moon blessings during these last days of Spring – may you never stop exploring the depths of who you are!



“Communication is a continual balancing act, juggling the conflicting needs for intimacy and independence. To survive in the world, we have to act in concert with others, but to survive as ourselves, rather than simply as cogs in a wheel, we have to act alone.” -Deborah Tannen

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Taurus New Moon: Grounding, Nurturing, Connection


The New Moon in Taurus will take place on Saturday, May 4th at 6:45 PM EDT. It’s time to welcome in a new lunar cycle, one with quite Earth-y vibes, with both the Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus. All of this Earth energy likely feels most welcome during this time, after several intense months, astrologically speaking. Envision this Taurian energy as a warm, cozy blanket, enveloping you in comfort, warmth, and indulgence, providing the qualities of grounding, nurturing, and connection. This is an ideal point to really relax, let go completely of all that is no longer serving, and just enjoy the unfolding of this life and this journey, appreciating and enjoying each moment for what it is and has to offer.


Embracing the Divine Feminine

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, astrologically representing love and beauty – and Taurus, Venus, and the Moon all represent the divine feminine nature, so this is quite a powerful New Moon as it relates to divine feminine qualities and power. This New Moon brings with it an opportunity for expansion, connection (especially with the Self), alignment, and receptivity. What beautiful qualities to be represented so strongly during a New Moon, which marks a new lunar cycle, and is typically a period to begin anew and set and cultivate intentions – there is great potential to really release and turn away from anything that is no longer serving us, really leaning into and enjoying life, indulging in and focusing on that which feels good, aligning with what we really want to be and receive, and allowing it all to come to fruition, trusting that it will do so in perfect timing. 

During this time, it is beneficial to focus much less on doing and much more on being…feeling no need to force anything or rush anything, accepting the natural unfolding of life, which facilitates a greater connection with this Earth-y Taurus energy, cultivating a greater sense of relaxation and enjoyment – being in a natural flow and embracing the pleasures of the physical senses and each experience as it occurs. This New Moon should feel much like a deep exhale, and a beautiful grounding connection is likely to be felt, espeically if this energy is embraced fully.

Give yourself any space you need to really take advantage of this empowering New Moon…incorporate a ritual into your day or evening that really assists you to connect with this energy. And if you would appreciate a little help tuning into this New Moon’s energy, consider purchasing my New & Full Moon E-Workbook for the month of May, available in the SHOP section of this site. This E-Workbook includes two sections, one for this New Moon and another for the Full Moon in Scorpio which takes place on May 18th, with more background information about each of these lunar phases, journaling questions to assist you to connect with the energy surrounding each phase, as well as information and suggestions on incorporating a ritual, and spaces to set intentions for the New Moon. 

Wishing you abundant New Moon blessings – may this energy ground, nurture, and connect you in every way possible!



“Live as though life was created for you.” -Maya Angelou 

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Welcome to Taurus Season

IMG_9036The Sun entered the zodiac of Taurus just under a week ago, on Saturday, April 20 – welcoming an earthy, feminine, nurturing, and comforting energy – which after everything that has been going on astrologically over the last few months, feels very needed. This is a season for tapping into a more grounding, connecting, and nurturing energy, allowing yourself to lean more deeply into the pleasurable aspects of life, indulging the senses, and tuning into the feminine nature. This is an ideal period to relax, soften, and cultivate ease, while also aligning with and attracting what you want, instead of trying to make something happen or rush things along.


Sun in Taurus, April 20 – May 21

Taurus is the season of enjoying what is, following the season of Aries, which is one of much outward action and growth, with a huge increase in energy. Looking even at the external environment, it’s hard to miss everything that has recently blossomed and bloomed all around – making this a time of taking it all in and appreciating after a period of action and growth, slowing down enough to enjoy and indulge, bringing the senses back to life! Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is representative of love and beauty, both of which are quite evident in the natural world during this time…

This is also an ideal period to care for yourself – paying attention to how you feel and focusing on experiences and encounters that feel good – cultivating this nurturing, comforting, indulgent energy. Tune into your physical senses and allow yourself to enjoy every moment as much as possible! Do something you have never done or haven’t done in a while, something that excites you just at the thought of it. Smell flowers, really listen to birds, go outside and feel the sun and the breeze on your skin, enjoy and savor every bite of your favorite food, really lean into a hug or warm embrace from a loved one. Even the simplest of experiences should be taken in completely and enjoyed thoroughly, being entirely with the pleasurable aspect of each moment. Give yourself permission to relax, allow, and receive! 

The divine feminine is also a huge theme during Taurus season, as both Taurus and Venus represent the divine feminine. Relaxing, allowing, and receiving, as just mentioned above, are qualities of this feminine energy – a time for aligning and attracting – letting go of any need to “make” or “force” anything to happen, relinquishing any need to rush or hurry, trusting all will happen and unfold when and as it should. Taurus’s element is Earth, and our Mother Earth is also a perfect example of this divine feminine energy – this is the most opportune time to really connect with and appreciate her and all of her loveliness during this Spring season!


“Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” -Khalil Gibran


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Libra Full Moon: Coming Around Again

IMG_8345Friday, May 19th will be the second Full Moon of the Spring season, and just like the first one, this one will also be in the zodiac of Libra! Relationships have been a huge theme with these Full Moons, with the Libra Full Moon in March focusing more on the relationship we have with ourselves, the more internal state, and now the upcoming Libra Full Moon for April focuses more on the external state, or the relationship we have with others and with our environment. This is an ideal time to shine a light on what is and isn’t serving us in all of our relationships, evaluating their meaning and significance in our lives, and allowing ourselves to release, if need be, or to revel and enjoy, depending on what we discover. 


What Truly Resonates?

Hopefully during March’s Full Moon you were able to really take a look at the relationship you have with yourself, and honestly determine what was going well, as well as what needed to shift and evolve. If so, you have likely already cultivated an amazing foundation for what your relationships with others should look and feel like! Are you allowing others to use your energy, either knowingly or unknowingly, with no benefit or support to you being reciprocated? Are you not letting go of relationships that do not feel right or feel good out of fear? This is a period to really acknowledge your feelings and emotions, especially as they relate to others in your life – and if it doesn’t feel good – well it’s time to let it (or them) go! Your feelings are your internal guidance system, and when something doesn’t feel good, that’s an indication that it needs to go! If you allow others to use up your energy, leaving you feeling depleted and drained, then you rob yourself, and those who really care about you and who belong in your experience, of that energy that could better serve you, and those around you who truly matter. If something or someone isn’t resonating with you, then it’s time to say farewell. This is the only way to truly embody who you are, trust your feelings and intuition, and treat yourself and others you care for in a way that is loving, supportive, and genuine.

Libra is also about balance, and it is difficult to have and feel balance in your life if you are allowing draining and depleting relationships that do not truly serve you to have a significant presence in your life and take up your energy. Cultivating this balance and giving your energy only to what is truly resonating with you will leave you feeling so light and free – and from that space some amazing growth and manifestation is able to take form! This Full Moon is about giving yourself permission to let go of everyone and everything that does not feel like it should have a place in your life and enjoying everyone and everything that does! Take a moment, connect with your breath, breathing in all that resonates, releasing all that does not. Do you feel the difference yet?

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!




“Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation – from anyone. And watch what happens in reality, just for fun.” -Byron Katie 

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Aries New Moon: Passion, Excitement, Adventure

IMG_8495The first New Moon of Spring will take place Friday, April 5th at approximately 4:51 AM EDT. The New Moon marks a new lunar cycle each month – and the first one of Spring taking place in Aries feels so appropriate! Each month, the New Moon is a time to begin anew, wiping the slate clean, so to speak; Spring is also a time of beginning anew, with everything springing and popping back to life. During the New Moon phase, the Moon is not visible in the sky, as it is completely dark, and at this point in the Spring season, many of us may  feel like it’s not quite looking or feeling like Spring, which is also lining up well with this New Moon. Take this opportunity to really turn inward, create all of the space you need for yourself to release any and everything that is no longer serving you, and set the stage for the creativity, growth, and expansion that is surely to come with this new season and this New Moon taking place in Aries. Doing so will help you bring to fruition increased passion, excitement, and adventure in your life!


Aries All Around

During this New Moon, not only is the Moon in Aries, but the Sun is also! Aries brings a fiery energy boost that can really spark a lot of momentum in your life if you’re willing to tap into it! Fire is also transformative, as it can take something and change its form from one thing to another. Spring is also like that with its incredible transformative processes! It’s amazing how this Aries energy and Spring are lining up so well with this New Moon. This is quite an exciting time! 


This period is ideal to really do all that you need to do to free yourself of anything you feel is holding you back and no longer serving you! Create some space for yourself to tune in and discover what that may be – then do whatever you must to completely release it from your experience and reality. By doing so, you will be ready to receive this incredibly supportive energy of Aries to move you forward toward growth, creativity, expansion and all that comes with them.


If you like to perform a New Moon ritual, consider incorporating fire into your ritual this month. This could work well with whatever it is that you are wanting to release. You could write it down on a piece of paper and use fire to burn it, completely letting it go and allowing it to be transformed from that which is not serving to that which is no longer holding you back. This ritual will help you cultivate an increased sense of freedom, encouraging you to focus all of this fiery energy into that which excites you and ignites passion within you, assisting you to use your creativity to transform your reality. Once you’ve completed this release, you will be prepared to set your intentions for this new lunar cycle – ensuring these intentions serve you, align with your highest good, and feel true to who you are, especially who you are as a whole and free being. The intentions you set during this New Moon will have great importance over this next year, espeically these next six months. Be sure you are very clear about them and also about WHY you are setting them now. 

Wishing all of you many New Moon blessings – may this Spring season bring much growth and expansion in all areas of your life!




“The growth of one blesses all. I am committed to grow in love. All that I touch, I leave in love. I move through this world consciously and creatively.”  -Julia Cameron


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