Cancer New Moon (with total Solar Eclipse): Nurturing, Connection, Environment


The New Moon in Cancer will take place on Tuesday, July 2nd at approximately 7:16 PM EDT. In addition to this being the first New Moon of the Summer season, it is also accompanied by a total solar eclipse! With this being the first New Moon of the Summer season, this really is the perfect time for a fresh start, as New Moons are on their own anyway, and the total solar eclipse has the potential to bring new (and likely unexpected) possibilities and opportunities into our experience. The energy of this New Moon is very nurturing, thanks to Cancer, and connection (with ourselves, with others, and with our surroundings), as well as environment are also highlighted.


More on the Total Solar Eclipse 

During a total solar eclipse, the Moon totally obstructs the view of the Sun from Earth. The effect this has is one of enhancement of the already intense New Moon energy! The result is mostly positive, espeically if you use the energy in this way. This is a period of new beginnings, and you may find unexpected opportunities present themselves, possibly causing you to reconsider your current course and change direction, which does have the possibility to cause stress; however, if you are able to remain open, flexible, and present, you have the potential to receive answers to questions you have had for quite some time given to you, really assisting you with aligning to the ‘New’ energy, of this Moon, of this Summer season, and also the eclipse season we find ourselves in this month (as there will be a partial lunar eclipse during Capricorn’s Full Moon later this month).

Slowing Down

Cancer energy, in general, is one that much of the time, asks us to slow down. The Moon rules this zodiac, so yet another reason this New Moon may feel even more intense! It’s a time to connect – to ourselves, to others (espeically those we truly care for), and to our enviroment. It’s also a period for allowing ourselves to feel, and to even look at parts of our lives and/or selves that we may not want to look too closely at, which requires slowing down! Consider really taking a step back and evaluating your sense of connection to yourself, as well as everyone and everything around you. Are there areas you feel disconnection? How might you reconnect in these areas (if they are important to you)? Also consider your environment – that of your home, your workplace, the actual natural environment surrounding you, and the ‘inner’ environment of your being. Do these environments feel balanced and nurturing? If not, what action(s) might you take to create more balanced and nurturing environments for yourself? Use the insights you receive from this consideration to assist you with setting your intentions for this new lunar cycle! 

You may also find that by slowing down, you feel more ‘tuned in’ and are better able to receive what is trying to come through for you…being or keeping busy distracts us from what is (and likely has been) right in front of us! If you have been feeling you need an answer or a solution to a problem in some area of your life, it’s quite possible the answer lies within the problem, but this requires digging a little deeper sometimes, and not allowing fear of the problem to keep us from seeing the answer or solution. Slowing down and creating the space you need to receive these insights is a huge part of this New Moon. The fact that the Sun is also eclipsed during this New Moon, points toward looking more at the darkness, the parts of our lives and our selves that are usually overshadowed and that we try to keep buried. Give yourself permission to go into those dark spaces and find what is revealed there! Even if it is unexpected, it’s likely to give you the insight you are searching for in order to realize your new beginning.

Wishing you abundant New Moon blessings and a Summer filled with much connection and insight!


“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” 

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